A day in a nutshell


I believe I have one of the most sassy kids on the planet.  She is always quick to respond to every statement passed her way.  Her responses however are not typical for a 4 year old.  She has sass, and a lot of it.  I want to follow this darling with a camera all the time.  She has an imaginary daughter named Charlie who she does all sorts of amazing things with.  Charlie died last year but was recently revived, according to google she is a super smart kid and doesn’t need therapy (trust me I looked it up)  Getting onto her is hard especially when I’m trying not to laugh.  Bless her heart.

img_2880                      Today my kids returned from their dads house, telling me of all the awesome presents they got for Christmas. I secretly think he tries to out do me each year to win, as if everything is a game.  I asked him ahead of time what he planned on getting them so we didn’t get them the same thing.  Guess what?  We got them the same thing.

img_3008My sister has been here with me the past week.  She is from California and became one of those vegans while living there.   It’s driving me absolutely crazy.  I get that she doesn’t want to eat meat or dairy but it is the topic of ALL of our conversations.  “Oh you’re in a bad mood because you had cheese earlier”, “you’re legs are sore after a 3 mile run?  It’s probably all that meat you’ve been eating.”,  “Fun fact, science shows that vegans are now immortal”… ok I made that last one up but you get the point.  I just want to have my buttered potato in peace.

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