Do I have to go to school!


I feel too old to be going back to school.  I sit next to a 16 year old in my A&P class at the community college.  SIXTEEN!!! Our high school here allows the kids to do a dual enrollment program which allows them to do their high school classes at college to receive credit for both.  While that’s an amazing opportunity and I wish they allowed that while I was in high school,  I feel like that chick in the movie Never Been Kissed. On a more positive note, my instructor is a hottie 😉.  As an adult I have a better understanding of time and I know that spending a small portion of my life doing this bridge program from LPN to RN could change how I spend the rest of my life.  So despite my internal protest, I have to go to school!  Tally ho!

Author: thegoldenrocks

Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving

3 thoughts on “Do I have to go to school!”

      1. Not only that, but in my last semester I did work study teaching sterile procedure to first quarter students. One was a boy just turned 18, looked 15. Ten years later, we get a new CRNA to put in a central line, veer nice young man. He needed help, so I was it. It dawned on me that this was the same kid I taught sterile procedure to … AS I was opening things up using sterile procedure!

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