Give up the ghost

I’m that friend that your parents wouldn’t let come over. After one night at my house you’ve told your parents about your wild encounters with ghost and dangerous roof top experiences. You’ve probably mentioned how I shoved you in a barrel and rolled you down the hill, or perhaps how I took you to a cave to show you where we found skeletons of Indians and used a flashlight to tell you their spooky tale. Maybe we stole my moms car and had a joy ride to visit a cemetery while breaking out the ouija board to summon ghost to talk to about their unfinished business?

We are all familiar with the ghost in modern times as leaving a relationship unannounced, no closure, no explanation, just gone. I have been the ghost. I’ve found it easier to just make a quick exit, rather than terminating things allowing me to regain my freedom. I’ve been the worst ghost of them all too. I’ve left mid date while the other party was in the bathroom, climbed out windows, ran into the woods frantically… I’m a runner.

I’ve also been ghosted before, I never really thought too much about it except at the beginning. You think, maybe their not as social as you? Their phone was stolen? Nope they’re dead, they’re definitely dead. Until their not, and you see them out and about and think, whoa buddy? I thought you died. Well you’re dead to me now, in case you didn’t know.

It’s never been a big deal to me because I see no answer as an answer it’s self. However, I’m seeing that doing this to people is only a way to avoid confrontation. It’s a cowardice move and the person I’m working toward becoming in this life is not a coward, she is BRAVE! I have recently been called out on my transgressions and it has made me respect that person even more.

So here’s my public announcement to anyone I have hurt by disappearing without notice:

I am sorry. We did not match as a couple. I wish you the best in moving forward in your pursuit of companionship. I understand I hurt you by making you feel you were not worthy of closure. You deserve to be happy!

This is me giving up the ghost. I respect you and the way you came forward and put me in my place. I hope I resolved any unfinished business and we can all move forward from here.

Author: thegoldenrocks

Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving

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