Mom don’t read this one

Seriously mom, don’t read this. Abort mission, run for the hills, shield your eyes and your tender ears!

Let’s talk a minute about these late night text. You know the ones that you get after you’ve extinguished all your makeup and put some frumpy clothes on. Let’s talk about those 2am messages, “you up?”… “hey pay attention to me”… *dick pic*… “hey yo girl”… does any of that actually work? That’s not a rhetorical question, I want to know right now if there is some girl out there whose self respect is basically nonexistent who responds to this. Are girls doing this to you? Is that like a normal thing… I’m single not desperate. If you cannot contact me at a reasonable hour then don’t contact me at all, and if I don’t respond that’s not me playing hard to get, don’t try harder by sending me a pic of your junk! When girls play hard to get it’s like a tease mixed with a sweet, a little challenge with a wink. It’s not unfriending you and blocking you… don’t create another profile and find us to continue the unsolicited messages and pics.

I wish this message was directed at one person who is perhaps strung out on heroin somewhere but it’s not, this is a message for more than a handful of people who have joined some sort of gang that follow the same rules of late night textory. I won’t add pics to this blog like I usually do, simply because public shaming isn’t something I’m into. Ladies do yourself and women like me a favor… DO NOT RESPOND! If you’re entertaining this sort of behavior it is telling these types of men that this sort of thing is acceptable, it’s not.

I’m not sure what about my profile drew you in either. I keep looking back wondering if I accidentally posted nudes or something sexy… was it my mom tum from yesterday? Did I say something flirting that I wasn’t aware of? Maybe it was the snap that distorted my face and gave me 4 inch eyebrows… whatever the case, I’m not your girl. Im barely a normal persons girl. I don’t cook well, I’m not great at nurturing people. I disappear ALOT.

I could make you this if you get hungry

If you’re interested in someone here’s another way to go about it… try contacting them during a reasonable hour. Say something other than, “hey”, “how are you”… try mentioning a previous post they put out there like “hey I saw you were painting earlier, very cool” or “I noticed you’re really into a healthy lifestyle, any tips for a beginner” feel free to add a little flirt in there once a response comes through, that way they’ll know you have interest in them.

You’ll thank me later. Trust me.

Author: thegoldenrocks

Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving

One thought on “Mom don’t read this one”

  1. “I’m not your girl. Im barely a normal persons girl. I don’t cook well, I’m not great at nurturing people. I disappear ALOT. ”

    I.e. you’re confident on your own, and you don’t feel the need to explain yourself 😉

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