Ten years ago I was a completely different person. I’m sorry if you knew me then! I was actually pretty mean (can you believe that?! 😉). I didn’t work or have anything passed a 9th grade education. I was in with a pretty bad crowd, doing things that would mortify my current social circle. I ran from help too, literally, my sweet mom tried to get me help once at a rehab center and I cut like a rug! It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom that I decided a change was in order. 86 years in prison was what I was staring down the barrel at… sweet little ole me, in prison? Naw dude.

I was reading something last night about how to change your pain into growth. It talked about how to those moments we regret the most help us grow the most! Cinderella wouldn’t be the same story if it didn’t involve the transformation, that’s the best part!

Here’s my Cinderella transformation

I’d normally be to humiliated to share this with anyone. But if it can help at least one person out there create a positive change in their life, it’s worth it! 10 years later and I have a career, an education, 3 children whom I adore, hobbies, motivation to press forward and most of all FREEDOM.

Creating change is painful, at times you may find yourself asking God to help you change without the agony that you know is coming. That’s okay. Even Christ knelt before God and asked, ‘Is there no other way?’ There isn’t. Transformation happens in the storm, embrace it! Go through that darkness holding onto to the thought of what awaits at the end. You can do it!

I was watching Cable girls last night and the president of the phone company was moving forward with the idea a woman presented, she had a rough background and was called out on it, I’ll paraphrase what this wicked woman said, “you can’t honestly be considering letting someone like her with her background move forward in this company!” In which Mr. President responded, “You’d be surprised to learn where I come from.” And I felt that. 🙌🏼

I have a few tips if you’re seeking change in your life. No you don’t have to be some big mafia member seeking a quiet happy life… whether it’s going to the gym more, cooking dinner regularly, growing a garden, or anything you may have had on your New Years resolution list that you axed the 2nd week of January, change is change and it will be hard.

First stop looking at your to do list as a whole and pick 1 or 2 things you could do different today. Then continue to do them tomorrow, and the next day. Until you have made those things habits. They say it takes about a month to create a new habit, I find it takes me at least 2! Think about the big picture, you don’t just splash some paint on there and it’s done, don’t look at your goals and think I’ll do this all tomorrow. You have to start somewhere and make those small things happen before added more paint to the picture.

Second, stop beating yourself up for the past. You cannot change it. It’s done for, learn from it. Make those weakness’s your strengths. Serve others, get in that soup kitchen and change the karma you’ve been boomeranging to yourself. Give back all that you’ve taken, help others make it through their dark time.

Lastly, tell me about it! I want to know what you’ve done to create change in your lives! Tell me your Cinderella story! I love hearing them!

Author: thegoldenrocks

Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving

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  1. “Second, stop beating yourself up for the past. You cannot change it. It’s done for, learn from it”

    Such an important message.. thanks for sharing!

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