First 5K


We decided to end the year trying something new and my 10 year old daughter came up with the perfect idea.  She decided we should enter a 5K and run it for a good cause.

I was not too thrilled about the idea because it was 30 degrees outside, raining, and super early in the morning but being a mom we all have to make sacrifices and this was one I was willing to make.

We arrived 20 minutes early and geared up for the rain and cold weather.  When the shot was finally fired and the run began I found myself immediately enjoying it.  I forgot how competitive I can be and how much fun it was to run.  I was my daughters cheerleader the entire way, and she never stopped!  When she got out of breath she would slow down and walk at a fast pace until she caught her breathe and then she’d run again.  I was very impressed with her!  I may have also encouraged her to out run the other kids that were there 😂…. I did say I was competitive right?



Over all we had a great time.  We also placed in the top 10 for both our age groups out of over 300 people so that’s exciting!  This may become a new thing for us.  I recommend this to any moms out there looking for a new activity to do with your child or to give to a good cause.  There were children as young as 5 years old running, you can do it!!!

A day in a nutshell


I believe I have one of the most sassy kids on the planet.  She is always quick to respond to every statement passed her way.  Her responses however are not typical for a 4 year old.  She has sass, and a lot of it.  I want to follow this darling with a camera all the time.  She has an imaginary daughter named Charlie who she does all sorts of amazing things with.  Charlie died last year but was recently revived, according to google she is a super smart kid and doesn’t need therapy (trust me I looked it up)  Getting onto her is hard especially when I’m trying not to laugh.  Bless her heart.

img_2880                      Today my kids returned from their dads house, telling me of all the awesome presents they got for Christmas. I secretly think he tries to out do me each year to win, as if everything is a game.  I asked him ahead of time what he planned on getting them so we didn’t get them the same thing.  Guess what?  We got them the same thing.

img_3008My sister has been here with me the past week.  She is from California and became one of those vegans while living there.   It’s driving me absolutely crazy.  I get that she doesn’t want to eat meat or dairy but it is the topic of ALL of our conversations.  “Oh you’re in a bad mood because you had cheese earlier”, “you’re legs are sore after a 3 mile run?  It’s probably all that meat you’ve been eating.”,  “Fun fact, science shows that vegans are now immortal”… ok I made that last one up but you get the point.  I just want to have my buttered potato in peace.

Secret Hideout

My Secret Hideout

Growing up on 100 acres of land I had this special spot. My siblings and I discovered what would become our playground, safe haven, and above all our secret hideout. While playing outside one afternoon, we invaded the woods that edged the top of a hill. The area overlooked about 20 acres, including our home and the road we lived off. There was a tree that had been struck by lightening, giving it this bent shape which was perfect for sitting. My brothers sat atop this tree as the lookouts and spy’s while I decided to clean our new “home” by gathering fallen leaves and branches. As I swept the leaves together with my hands I noticed something sparkle. I moved more leaves to get a closer look, it was GOLD!!! Or so I thought at the time, turns out I found glittery gravel that people used back in the day for driveways. I alerted the lookouts and we quickly became treasure hunters for the day, whipping off our socks to shove the best looking rocks into them and smuggle them home for safe keeping in our underwear drawer. This place quickly became our new favorite place that we titled The Golden Rocks. It’s been 20 years and I still find myself wanting to runaway to hide, be alone, and think at my secret hideout. I’m a 28 year old single mother of 3, working full time while going to school full time… who wouldn’t want to run away? Writing down my trials, feelings, and experiences seems to be the best escape I’ve discovered so far, I figured the best way to get feedback and give out advice would be to create a blog. So here I have it my online Golden Rocks 😄.