Let’s buildnow man! Just kidding I have to work…

img_3215We finally got our first snow of the season and my kids got out of school.   They woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland, wanting to run out and make snow angels, build an igloo, construct a fort to have a full on Jack Frost war. However just because school was cancelled doesn’t mean work was, and being a single mom I had to take my kids to work with me.  Luckily I work somewhere that understands my situation with the girls… my boss is my momma and luckily I have extremely incredible kids who mind their manners.  They have a pretty good set up at the office, they have the kitchen with all the yummy snacks drug reps bring, the waiting room with a tv and playset and then they have 2 exam rooms we don’t use that they play doctor in.

Maleah and Hailee don’t play well together.  Feel free to offer any advice that would help them get along.   Neither of them fight with Kali.  Neither of them have feuds with anyone else, but when they get together every look, every breath, every movement becomes a declaration of war!  We were getting close to closing, there were 2 patients in the exam rooms and 1 in the waiting room, that’s when I heard Maleah  shriek.  I marched to the kitchen to see what the fuss was about and apparently Hailee was pushing her.  After interrogating Hailee she stated that she was just throwing trash away and Maleah was guarding the trash can… “Ok, hands to yourself girls”.  What’s really weird is that they love to play together, they CHOOSE to play with each other when they don’t have to.   After a few more nonsense bickering I decided to wear them out…. I know what you’re thinking, no I didn’t spank them (I only resort to that if I feel they harmed someone or were doing something to harm themselves).  I’m not completely against spanking but I’m not completely for it either.  I feel that my kids learn their lessons better when a lesson is actually taught instead of spanking a lesson into them which only works to a certain extent of them learning out of fear.  I feel that time out, and talking things out after they’ve cooled down works the best.  They understand the WHY is punishment.  Anyways, when I say I decided to wear them out I mean physically hahaha I told them that between patients we should go to the stairwell and jog up and down for fun.  As an adult that sounds like the opposite of fun but to a kid it was just their cup of tea and I figured they were starting to fight because they were board so why not wear them out 😋.

When the work day was finally over we went home, got in our pjs, made homemade popcorn, hot chocolate and watched movies based on true stories… we basically cried the entire night haha but they loved it.  This single mom thing, it works for us.  I love our girl time, I love having them at work, I love being able to do whatever I want to do when I get home, I love watching chick flicks… I love being single!  One day someone may come along that makes me feel at home with them, until then I’ll keep enjoying my time with my girls ☺️

Top of the Morning


I’ve  ended the holiday break with a bang! My sister and I were looking into things to do to bring in the New Year.  She wanted to find a dance or something to meet other singles but I suggested we do something for us.  Screw men, I want to focus on my happiness and do something new! As I brainstormed about it I came up with an idea that we should go to one of those painting classes.  Neither of us had ever been and I loved the idea of starting the New Year not only doing something new but creating something new! I had so much fun.  I sang and danced most of the night while painting and at the end they told me I had won the spirit award for having so much pep HA!  I didn’t even know there was a contest!  Even though the drive home almost killed me, seeing as my bedtime is strictly 8pm, I had a great night out which doesn’t happen often.  Turns out my kids ended up painting at theirs dads house New Years Eve as well, what are the odds?!

My sister is back home, and life as we know it has continued.  With the girls being back in school and me being at work I’m not so stressed anymore.  I know it sounds silly to get worked up over not having anything to do but I’m a busy body so being idle throws me into panic mode.  Don’t get me wrong I love to sit in “my chair” at home, we all have our special chairs we like to sit in, but I can’t watch TV without making a hat or have a morning cup of Joe without writing a blog post.  Welp, top of the mornin’ to you!  Tally Ho!



Keith Urban on my lunch break


Today I had to drive my sister to Nashville so she could fly back to California.  I usually only go to Nashville for my tattoo removal every two months.  Last time I was there my plastic surgeon suggested a cute coffee shop slash breakfast joint.  I took my 3 girls to get lunch there and as we waited for our food in walks the drop dead gorgeous Keith Urban with his daughters.  I sat there trying to pretend I didn’t notice him, you know so I didn’t seem like a crazy fan girl… but inside I was singing my heart out to “blue ain’t your color”.  He chose the table directly next to mine and I may have squealed a little on the inside.  Of course this would happen on the one day of the year I decided not to wear makeup or fix my hair!!! He was so kind to his daughters, and after their sweet lunch he bused his own table and walked his plates to the kitchen…. which I didn’t even do!  On his way out he grabbed a few napkins and handed them to me and I squealed out a thank you.  I was too much of a coward to ask for an autograph or picture, and I didn’t want to interrupt his meal with his kiddos but he made my day with his manners.  Gives me hope that real gentlemen still exist no matter how successful they become.  By the way I didn’t save the napkin hahaha I took a picture and then my daughter wiped her mouth with it.

We are finishing our fun day by having a Harry Potter marathon with homemade popcorn and our favorite PJ’s.   This has been a great holiday break!

DHEA for the New Year

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      I’m changing the way I feel this year!   Yesterday I was notified that my DHEA was low.  It was low last year when I had my routine blood work done but I ignored it.  I figured it was a fluke and would naturally bring itself back to normal levels.  Guess what?  It didn’t!  It got even lower!  I’ve been so stressed, irritable, and most of all tired… I’m talking about being tired all the time.  I may have a little energy when I first wake up but 2 hours into the morning rush I’m drained. I’ve always been extremely active and having no energy was ruining my jam.

         So yesterday I bought the 25mg DHEA supplements, I read the label and took 2 tablets WITH FOOD!  I don’t want to jinx it but a little while afterwards I felt better than I’ve felt in years.   My mood seemed to improve and I had a little energy.  I’m going to supplement 50mg a day for one month and then switch to 25mg per month for 5 months to follow.  Then I’ll have my blood work redone and let you know how it helped.  Pros and Cons and so forth.  If you feel physically and emotionally drained I would recommend getting this checked! 

First 5K


We decided to end the year trying something new and my 10 year old daughter came up with the perfect idea.  She decided we should enter a 5K and run it for a good cause.

I was not too thrilled about the idea because it was 30 degrees outside, raining, and super early in the morning but being a mom we all have to make sacrifices and this was one I was willing to make.

We arrived 20 minutes early and geared up for the rain and cold weather.  When the shot was finally fired and the run began I found myself immediately enjoying it.  I forgot how competitive I can be and how much fun it was to run.  I was my daughters cheerleader the entire way, and she never stopped!  When she got out of breath she would slow down and walk at a fast pace until she caught her breathe and then she’d run again.  I was very impressed with her!  I may have also encouraged her to out run the other kids that were there 😂…. I did say I was competitive right?



Over all we had a great time.  We also placed in the top 10 for both our age groups out of over 300 people so that’s exciting!  This may become a new thing for us.  I recommend this to any moms out there looking for a new activity to do with your child or to give to a good cause.  There were children as young as 5 years old running, you can do it!!!

A day in a nutshell


I believe I have one of the most sassy kids on the planet.  She is always quick to respond to every statement passed her way.  Her responses however are not typical for a 4 year old.  She has sass, and a lot of it.  I want to follow this darling with a camera all the time.  She has an imaginary daughter named Charlie who she does all sorts of amazing things with.  Charlie died last year but was recently revived, according to google she is a super smart kid and doesn’t need therapy (trust me I looked it up)  Getting onto her is hard especially when I’m trying not to laugh.  Bless her heart.

img_2880                      Today my kids returned from their dads house, telling me of all the awesome presents they got for Christmas. I secretly think he tries to out do me each year to win, as if everything is a game.  I asked him ahead of time what he planned on getting them so we didn’t get them the same thing.  Guess what?  We got them the same thing.

img_3008My sister has been here with me the past week.  She is from California and became one of those vegans while living there.   It’s driving me absolutely crazy.  I get that she doesn’t want to eat meat or dairy but it is the topic of ALL of our conversations.  “Oh you’re in a bad mood because you had cheese earlier”, “you’re legs are sore after a 3 mile run?  It’s probably all that meat you’ve been eating.”,  “Fun fact, science shows that vegans are now immortal”… ok I made that last one up but you get the point.  I just want to have my buttered potato in peace.

Secret Hideout

My Secret Hideout

Growing up on 100 acres of land I had this special spot. My siblings and I discovered what would become our playground, safe haven, and above all our secret hideout. While playing outside one afternoon, we invaded the woods that edged the top of a hill. The area overlooked about 20 acres, including our home and the road we lived off. There was a tree that had been struck by lightening, giving it this bent shape which was perfect for sitting. My brothers sat atop this tree as the lookouts and spy’s while I decided to clean our new “home” by gathering fallen leaves and branches. As I swept the leaves together with my hands I noticed something sparkle. I moved more leaves to get a closer look, it was GOLD!!! Or so I thought at the time, turns out I found glittery gravel that people used back in the day for driveways. I alerted the lookouts and we quickly became treasure hunters for the day, whipping off our socks to shove the best looking rocks into them and smuggle them home for safe keeping in our underwear drawer. This place quickly became our new favorite place that we titled The Golden Rocks. It’s been 20 years and I still find myself wanting to runaway to hide, be alone, and think at my secret hideout. I’m a 28 year old single mother of 3, working full time while going to school full time… who wouldn’t want to run away? Writing down my trials, feelings, and experiences seems to be the best escape I’ve discovered so far, I figured the best way to get feedback and give out advice would be to create a blog. So here I have it my online Golden Rocks 😄.