Four year old grown up

Mornings are the busiest part of our day.  As I rush around reminding each kid of what they have left to do to get ready, I try to do various house chores.  I usually clean when I come home from work or school but throughout the night the kids get up and roam through the kitchen, Hailee may have an accident and change clothes, they secretly create a fort… whatever the case, there is always more work in the morning! A few days ago while we were in our morning rush my 4 year old daughter Hailee decided to change her clothes and leave them in the floor.  Fet up, I told her that she needed to pick her clothes up and walk them to the laundry hamper.  Then I continued to lecture her about how she needed to start taking care of herself because no one was going to clean up after her when she got older hahaha, I realize now how crazy I sound.  Well it turned out that Hailee took my words to heart.  Yesterday she made her own lunch, cleaned up her own messes all day and then she decided to make me dinner.


She calls it lettuce soup.  It has celery, fruit loops, and milk in it.  She stood there with this super excited face just waiting for me to take a bite. So I did, I really did.  Oh my goodness, the things we do to make our children happy.  Needless to say, I won’t be giving Hailee anymore lectures until she learns her way around the kitchen.

Top of the Morning


I’ve  ended the holiday break with a bang! My sister and I were looking into things to do to bring in the New Year.  She wanted to find a dance or something to meet other singles but I suggested we do something for us.  Screw men, I want to focus on my happiness and do something new! As I brainstormed about it I came up with an idea that we should go to one of those painting classes.  Neither of us had ever been and I loved the idea of starting the New Year not only doing something new but creating something new! I had so much fun.  I sang and danced most of the night while painting and at the end they told me I had won the spirit award for having so much pep HA!  I didn’t even know there was a contest!  Even though the drive home almost killed me, seeing as my bedtime is strictly 8pm, I had a great night out which doesn’t happen often.  Turns out my kids ended up painting at theirs dads house New Years Eve as well, what are the odds?!

My sister is back home, and life as we know it has continued.  With the girls being back in school and me being at work I’m not so stressed anymore.  I know it sounds silly to get worked up over not having anything to do but I’m a busy body so being idle throws me into panic mode.  Don’t get me wrong I love to sit in “my chair” at home, we all have our special chairs we like to sit in, but I can’t watch TV without making a hat or have a morning cup of Joe without writing a blog post.  Welp, top of the mornin’ to you!  Tally Ho!



Keith Urban on my lunch break


Today I had to drive my sister to Nashville so she could fly back to California.  I usually only go to Nashville for my tattoo removal every two months.  Last time I was there my plastic surgeon suggested a cute coffee shop slash breakfast joint.  I took my 3 girls to get lunch there and as we waited for our food in walks the drop dead gorgeous Keith Urban with his daughters.  I sat there trying to pretend I didn’t notice him, you know so I didn’t seem like a crazy fan girl… but inside I was singing my heart out to “blue ain’t your color”.  He chose the table directly next to mine and I may have squealed a little on the inside.  Of course this would happen on the one day of the year I decided not to wear makeup or fix my hair!!! He was so kind to his daughters, and after their sweet lunch he bused his own table and walked his plates to the kitchen…. which I didn’t even do!  On his way out he grabbed a few napkins and handed them to me and I squealed out a thank you.  I was too much of a coward to ask for an autograph or picture, and I didn’t want to interrupt his meal with his kiddos but he made my day with his manners.  Gives me hope that real gentlemen still exist no matter how successful they become.  By the way I didn’t save the napkin hahaha I took a picture and then my daughter wiped her mouth with it.

We are finishing our fun day by having a Harry Potter marathon with homemade popcorn and our favorite PJ’s.   This has been a great holiday break!