I don’t know Spanish

I’ve been the secret owner of a page online for a while now. I didn’t know when I created it that it was public. I created it as somewhere to keep inspirational quotes for myself and then when I logged onto Facebook one day I noticed people were liking and sharing my post that I thought at the time were private. How did you even find me?

I invited my sister and best friend to help manage it because the followers exceeded what I felt I could manage. Several thousand people in what seems like a blink of an eye. Woot woot, people like these quotes as much as I do! As the number continues on an upward trend my friend who speaks Spanish as a second language and sister as well, decided to create the same page in Spanish to support the Spanish speaking people who are interested in gospel quotes as well. Let me be clear, I do not speak Spanish. I’m pretty sure I failed that class in high school. However, I’m still doing it. I decided to try and use google translate to convert some of our quotes to the Spanish page… what I did not know is that there is not an exact way to translate word for word. You must say it in a different way… so I was trying to say, ‘Help is a prayer away’ short and simply, I thought good start. Small baby steps!

My friend texted me and said, ‘That quote translates to ‘Help is the distance of a prayer’… crikey 😱. What. The. Heck. Google, you have let me down.

I compete with myself a lot, any little failure pushes me 10x harder to succeed. So now I’m on a mission to learn Spanish, on top of everything else I’m trying to accomplish in my life. I may need to bust out the dear friend I keep in the closet, Mrs. Rosetta Stone. I’m going to try practicing my Spanish on the dementia patients at work who are Spanish speaking, that way if I mess up they’ll forget in a few minutes and I can try again! Thomas S. Monson said, “one of God’s greatest gifts to us is the joy of trying again”. That seems to happen frequently with me, means God keeps giving me the greatest gift… I must be his favorite.

A few years ago I was at a YSA get together, we were watching general conference and I was typing up quotes and posting them as fast as I could hear them so I wouldn’t forget. A guy there was scrolling Facebook at the time and made a comment about how fast the lds page was posting quotes. I didn’t tell him it was me hahaha, I just awkwardly sat there continuing my work.

Now that this new expansion is happening with the page we will be able to reach more people to inspire them throughout their daily lives! I’m so excited to have this opportunity and be able to learn new phrases in Spanish, apart from the one that I already know ‘wash your hands’… that’s all I’ve got. I say it in a demanding way too… because I like the way it sounds!

If any of my blogging followers like scriptural quotes or inspirational quotes go to Facebook or instagram and like our page! The title is in the picture above! We post almost every day! And if you are Spanish speaking like our sister page, especially now at the beginning for a good laugh when I post things because I won’t know it’s wrong until you tell me or the other owners of the page hunt me down and say ‘that says something totally different in Spanish than in English!’