Who am I really?

Multiple personalities? Maybe… I like to name them so that I know who I’m talking to when there’s another side of me that decides to crash the party. My washer door broke last night, I called upon Darby, my butch side to help me fix it. Darby’s been with me since about age 13. She’s frickin handy but don’t take her on a date. Trust me. She can make any man question his masculinity and that’s no good on dates. Darbs was making fun of me last night because I didn’t know how to make my screwdriver work, she says we’ll have to get the right tools cause mine are crap.

I spent 20 minutes on the phone with Josh last night… or did I? I feel like Nancy took over that conversation. He was complaining, and that sent Nancy an invite to show her rear end. “Let me tell you about all the problems in my life right now bro”. After that phone call ended I had to ask Cora to sage my room to clear the negative energy that was just brought in. Cora thinks she’s a witch. I’ve got to hand it to her for keeping things interesting. However she left a candle burning last night that gave me a wicked headache this morning. Thought about burning her at the stake but I may need her around to poke a voo doo doll here and there. Nancy hates that we sage behind her every time she leaves the room, but like I told her, she’s contagious and I can’t allow everyone else to be infected just because she decides to show up unannounced. She’s probably sulking somewhere as I write this.

The number one thing people ask when meeting me is, “where did you come from?” One of my recent favorites was at my friends lake house, Kathy my best friend, was introducing me to her stepmoms sister and about 5 minutes into conversation she looks at Kathy and says, “where did you find her?!” Well lady that depends on which version of myself you were talking to at the moment but I’m pretty sure that was Hannah. She came about when I was around 5 years old and stepped on a piece of glass making her the worlds biggest worrier. I have to hide her when Blaze is around. She calls it involuntary seclusion, I call it getting rid of mom while we have a fun time. To each his own.

Blaze is one of my favorite sides but man oh man is she reckless. She has absolutely no rules and creates disasters for the rest of us to clean up… Blaze is the chick that keeps these guys lingering on months, even years after it’s over. She is so dang charming it sickens me. She’s one of the personalities I hide from the children… they can NEVER meet her, I’ve told her this. She is too care free and irresponsible to be around children. Jenna gets along well with her, Jenna’s an artist and so she connects with that carefree side. If you remember my dresser idea that involved blood spats that was Jenna and Blaze conjuring up an idea together. They need to calm down.

That’s my inner monologue for the morning. No I don’t actually have multiple personalities that I know of, we all talk to ourselves sometimes, I’m just weird and assign them names. I’ve seen you do it, don’t lie. If you’ll excuse me Rose needs to get ready for work.